An adjustable, lightweight pole system for catching birds in mist nets in the low- to mid-canopy

Various methods exist for the elevation of mist nets in order to capture canopy birds for study. The use of trees for support enables mist nets to be raised to a great height, though this often limits where a net can be placed. The use of free-standing poles for support can allow mist nets to be located at the best possible site, such as along a frequented flight path. However, this technique has previously been limited to the capture of birds less than eight metres above ground. We describe in detail a lightweight pole system constructed of two metre-long black carbon fibre tubes connected with stainless steel joints. Thin black guy ropes provide support, while nets are connected to a dark-coloured ‘flagpole’ rope on each pole. This system allows mist net elevation to 12 metres above ground, great flexibility, ease of set-up and serial net connection. The high cost may be outweighed by greater capture success in many situations and with advances in materials and technique, the system may allow net placement above 12 metres.

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