General Information

Visitors to our website can access most of the material published on the site, but there are benefits to be gained from membership of the Association.

These include:

  • Our Quarterly Newsletter is sent by Email (or hardcopy to those who do not use Email) as soon as it is published;
  • On-line access to our journal Corella as soon as issues are published on the web (non-members cannot access the previous year’s volumes);
  • A hard copy of that year’s volume of Corella. A hard copy of the complete volume is published in December of each subscription year;
  • Purchase hard copies of available back-issues of Corella;
  • A cheaper price for equipment purchased from the Mist Net Service than those prices available to non-members;
  • Participation in research activities, conferences and meetings conducted by the Association;
  • Access to the Association’s Public Liability insurance policy for field research activities (subject to criteria specified and Committee approved projects only);
  • Access to the full amount available for a grant from the Fund for Avian Research (subject to application criteria);
  • Access and contribute to the forum and photographic gallery included in this website.