Privacy Policy

Adopted by the Management Committee of the Association on 12th August, 2002


It is the Policy of ABSA Inc to respect the privacy of members by:

  • Keeping secure personal information held about members;
  • Using information only for specific, approved, publicly stated purposes for which it was gathered;
  • Allowing members to check information held on themselves for accuracy, and change if necessary;
  • Publicly stating how we keep information secure, and under what circumstances it will be divulged.


  1. Only information of a personal or private nature absolutely required for the good order and running of the association will be kept on members.
  2. Any personal details shall be kept in strictest confidence by the Management Committee of the Association, which shall be responsible for its security.
  3. Access to any computer based membership list will be secured by password.
  4. Printouts of the membership list are to be made only for specific, approved purposes.
  5. Until otherwise decided by a meeting of the Association’s Management Committee, those specific purposes shall be limited to:
    1. Labels for Corella, newsletter and other ABSA mail-outs,
    2. Reports to Committee of new, and non-financial members,
    3. Disclosure to the Mist Net Service of membership status for discount purposes,
    4. Communication between the Management Committee and members
  6. No person on relinquishing or being removed from a position entitling them to access to personal membership data shall continue to have access to such data. Any personal information and lists, electronic or otherwise, shall be returned to the Management Committee for re-assignment or destruction as appropriate.
  7. Method of payment details such as credit card numbers, if held electronically, will be secured by password access, and if held in hard copy, that copy is to be kept under lock and key, and will not be released to any third party, except in the process of securing legitimate payments to the Association.
  8. This policy shall be published in the Association’s Newsletter, and a copy forwarded to each new member with their acceptance. It is also to be published on the Association’s web site.
  9. Any member who wishes to check details of information held may do so, and a copy will be emailed or posted to them within one month of their query being received.
  10. The Association undertakes to amend or correct any inaccurate information.
  11. This policy will be reviewed tri-annually, or more often if found to be inconsistent with the Association’s mission, or with Commonwealth or State legislation.
  12. There will be a phase in period of three months from the adoption of this policy, after which it is expected that all members, Committee members, Officers and delegated positions will be in compliance with it.