ABSA Committee: Present Office Bearers

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Dr John Farrell

Dr. John Farrell

Alan Lill

Associate Professor Alan Lill

Vice President & Editor of Corella
Portrait of Genevieve Kyi

Genevieve Kyi

Chris Young

Chris Young

Alan Leishman

Alan Leishman

Production Editor of Corella and Assistant Editor – Recovery Roundup

Amy Tipton

Mist Net Service Manager
Stein Boddington

Stein Boddington

Newsletter Editor
Geoff Smith

Dr Geoffrey Smith

Sub-Editor – Seabirds and Assistant Editor – Seabird Islands
Portrait of Birgita Hansen, ABSA sub-editor watre birds

Dr. Birgita Hansen

Sub-Editor – Water Birds
Portrait of Dr Richard Noske ABSA Sub editor Terrestrial Birds

Dr. Richard Noske

Sub-Editor – Terrestrial Birds
Photo of Ian Bailey - ABSA Committee Member

Ian Bailey

Conservation Officer
Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy

Committee Member

Michael Franklin

Committee Member

Bill Rutherford

Committee Member
Bettina Kaiser

Bettina Kaiser

Website Manager