Policy on the Return of Used Banding Equipment

Policy on the Return of Used Banding Equipment

We field occasional requests from people, often retired banders, or banders’ families, re the disposal of unwanted banding equipment. This policy outlines how ABSA will, in future, handle such requests.

1. Mist Nets:

1.1 As mist nets are sold under restrictions re their use, it is in the interests of the integrity of that system for them to be disposed of in a way that keeps them from unauthorised use. However, ABSA is a volunteer organisation, and does not have the resources to set up, inspect and repair old nets so that they become suitable for resale. Therefore:

1.2 It is the Policy of ABSA to encourage retired banders and/or their families to return mist nets, including supplies of bulk netting, to ABSA for disposal.

1.3 We will not offer recompense for or assistance in resale of such items.

1.4 We may, at our sole discretion, pass some nets on to co-operative banding project co-ordinators, recognising the benefits of long-term monitoring which inevitably means turnover of nets in typical time frames of over a decade.

1.5 Disposal will be in such a fashion as to render the nets incapable of re-use to trap birds of any sort.

1.6 Records of appropriate disposal will be kept, recording the original owner, and the date of destruction or passing on to a licensed bander.

2. Colour Bands

2.1 Colour bands degrade over time, even in storage, and therefore, it is the Policy of ABSA that no colour bands other than those sold by the ABSA Mist Net Service (MNS) in the previous two years, will be considered for return.

2.2 Colour bands purchased from MNS within the previous two years will be accepted as a donation at the absolute discretion of the MNS manager.

2.3 No colour-bands purchased from other entities will be accepted.

3. Other Perishable Items

3.1 Perishable items such as thread, shelf loops and Bird Holding Bags (used) will not be accepted for disposal. It is recommended that inquirers be advised to dispose of them in the garbage. Donation of unused bird holding bags purchased from MNS may be considered at the absolute discretiion of the MNS Manager.

4. Non-Perishable banding Equipment

4.1 Non-perishable items such as poles, banding pliers, scales, files data cards, rulers, etc may, at the absolute discretion of the MNS Manager, be accepted as a donation, and offered for re-sale if appropriate.

We thank any ex banders and families who contribute to ABSA in this way. This Policy was adopted by the Committee of ABSA Inc on 25th June 2024