Durno Murray Award

The Durno Murray Award was instigated in 2010 and is given to the author(s) for the most outstanding paper published in Corella each year.

The Award commemorates the work of Durno Murray who contributed greatly to the founding of the Association, and served in many roles in his extensive involvement in its management. Durno also contributed enormously to the development of ornithological research in Australia – particularly the study of seabirds.

The criteria for determining the  most outstanding paper published in Corella each year are:

  • the understanding of the specific group/species studied;
  • the overall significance of the findings;
  • study design and academic rigour; and
  • overall contribution to ornithology.

All papers, for that year, are appraised and rated by the Editor and sub-editors of Corella and a winner is determined by the combined rating scores;

The Award comprises a grant of $200 and a one year complimentary subscription to the Association.

Below are the titles of the winning papers since the award was instigated.

Previous recipients of this award are: