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Deliberate Misuse of the Organophosphorous Pesticide, Fenthion-ethtyl, to Poison Birds in Victoria

Category: Issue 2
Author(s): Du Guesclin, Erison and Temby
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Filteen incidents of native birds being poisoned by deliberate misuse of the pesticide,  fenthion-ethyl were detected in Victoria between 1972 and 1982. A total of 1374 birds, representing 15 different species, was found dead at the 15 poison sites. Difficulties in assessing the numberoi birds being killed in Victoria by this pesticide are discussed.

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Relation Between Number of Honeyeaters and Intensity of Flowering near Adelaide, South Australia

Category: Issue 2
Author(s): Ford
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The relation between number of honeyeaters and intensity of flowering was studied in sixteen sites near Adelaide in South Australia. Numbers of honeyeaters were highest in late autumn and winter of all species and lowest in summer. Numbers of honeyeaters of all species or of each species were correlated with flowering index of major species […]

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