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Observations on the diet of the Topknot Pigeon Lopholaimus antarcticus in the Illawarra Rainforest, New South Wales

Category: Issue 2
Author(s): Waterhouse
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Observations were made on the feeding behaviour of Topknot Pigeons Lophalaimus antarcticus from March 1988 to December 1992 near Mt Keira, Wollongong, New South Wales. The species of plants that contributed fruit to the diet were recorded for each month of the year. The seasonality, quantity and duration of fruiting by food species varied considerably […]

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The influence of turbid waters on waterbird numbers and diversity: a comparison of lakes Yumberarra and Karatta, Currawinya National Park, south-west Queensland

Category: Issue 2
Author(s): Andrew McDougall and Brian Timms
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Lakes Yumberarra and Karatta are two nearby intermittent lakes associated with the Paroo River, that differ in many respects. Yumberarra supports 53 species of waterbirds with numbers up to 11,500 at any one time, but Karatta has only 23 species with a maximum of 100 individuals seen at one time. While Karatta is one-third the […]

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