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Predation of the Lantana Leafmining Beetle by the Silvereye in south-eastern Queensland.

Category: Issue 5
Author(s): John Liddy
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Material defecated by Silvereyes Zosterops lateralis handled during banding operations at Cowiebank, south-eastern Queensland, for the four years to July 1982 was collected, dissected, and obvious arthropod remains were identified.  The faeces of 534 Silvereyes handled between 24 January and 7 July contained the remains of 37 adults of the Lantana Leafmining Beetle Uroplata giraldi […]

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Magpies similar to the White-backed Magpie in inland Western Australia.

Category: Issue 5
Author(s): Black, Ford
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Three females and one male of Gymnorhina recently collected near Wiluna, Western Australia, are described.  Two females are exactly like the White-backed Magpie G. hypoleuca leuconota.  The other specimens are possibly hybrids between the Black-backed Magpie G. tibicen longirostris and the Western Magpie G. dorsalis, hybrids between longirostris and leuconota or hybrids between all three […]

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