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Additional visits to islands off Wilsons Promontory, Victoria.

Category: Issue 4
Author(s): Lane, Battam
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From 26 to 28 November 1980. additional visits were made to six islands of the southern and western coasts of Wilsons Promontory.  The islands visited were Wattle and Kanowna on 26 November, Shellback and Norman on 27 November, and McHugh and Dannevig on 28 November.  We were accompanied by (Mrs) L, F. Lane on all […]

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Results from a nesting study of Welcome Swallows in southern Tasmania.

Category: Issue 4
Author(s): Park
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The nesting, pulli development and behaviour of a group of colour-banded Welcome Swallows Hirundo neoxena was studied at Campania in southern Tasmania over a period of five years during the time between their arrival each spring and their departure in the autumn.

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The “Nonnac” Method of netting wild birds.

Category: Issue 4
Author(s): Rowley, Chapman
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A propulsive device called a “Nonnac” was used to capture 2060 Galahs between 1971 and 1976 in the Western Australian Wheatbelt.  Two nets each 36 m2 were projected by Nonnacs over birds feeding at prebaited sites.  The Nonnac itself, its manufacture, and the use of this technique for capturing Galahs are described in detail.

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