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Eurasian Coots breeding on irrigation dams near Manjimup, Western Australia

Category: Issue 2
Author(s): Brown
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Observations on Eurasian Coots Fulica atra, breeding near Manjimup, Western Australia, between 1975 and 1978, are given together with details of average clutch size, replacement clutches, predation and mortality.  Nest sites, construction and nesting materials are discussed.

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Incubation and nestling periods of some Australian Birds

Category: Issue 2
Author(s): Marchant
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Incubation and nestling periods of Australian birds, particularly small passerines, seem not to have been much studied and in general are not known accurately.  Details of incubation and nestling periods, collected for 25 species at Moruya, New South Wales, are presented.

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Information derived from captive Raptors: a selected review

Category: Issue 2
Author(s): Olsen
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Potential uses of captive raptors for research are discussed.  A selection of papers on incubation, clutch size, fertility, photoperiod, eggshell thinning and DDT, taxonomy, general biology, development of young, visual acuity, veterinary aspects, plumage changes and metabolism is reviewed.

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