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Birds of the Araucaria Pine plantations and natural forests near Bulolo, Papua New Guinea.

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Category: Issue 5

Author(s): Lamothe

A comparison of birds found in natural and plantation Araucaria (Hoop and Klinkii Pine) forests in the Bulolo area of Papua New Guinea led to the conclusion that, within the plantations, certain major groups of birds were missing.  This may be due to a lack of specialised niches for these birds.  Maturation of the plantations […]

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Foraging ecology, territoriality and seasonality of the Common Paradise Kingfisher at Brown River, Papua New Guinea.

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Category: Issue 5

Author(s): Bell

Data on the kingfisher Tanysiptera galatea, taken at Brown River, Papua New Guinea, are presented.  The species forages almost entirely in the lower understorey of rainforest or on the ground, with pronounced seasonal change involving foraging at lower levels during the wet season.  Food observed was earthworms, large insects and a lizard, the worms being […]

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