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A possible territorial and nesting association between Pied and Grey Butcherbirds Cracticus nigrogularis and C. torquatus and the Yellow-throated Miner Manorina flavigula

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Category: Issue 2

Author(s): Graham Fulton

This study demonstrated that Yellow-throated Mineis Manorina flavigula arc aggressive birds that exclude other species of birds from their territories. However, they did not exclude Grey Butcherbirds Cracticus torquatus or Pied Butcherbirds C. nigrogularis from two widely separated sites in Western Australia. Concurrently active nests of Yellow-throated Miners and Pied Butcherbirds were found within 10-30 […]

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Longevity of the Crested Tern Sterna bergii in South Australia

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Category: Issue 2

Author(s): Waterman, Murray

Recoveries of alive and dead Crested Terns Sterna bergii, banded as chicks at the colonies of Stonywell, Halfway, Troubridge and Penguin Islands in South Australia, have shown that birds can survive as long as 32 years. Although most birds were breeding between 4-18 years old, several breeding birds of 19-29 years were also captured.

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Adult moulting during breeding in the New Zealand Fantail, Rhipidura fuIiginosa fuIiginosa

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Category: Issue 2

Author(s): Stirnemann

Most birds do not moult and breed simultaneously (Snow and Snow 1964: Payne 1972), however, some overlap between moulting and breeding has been recorded in individuals of at least 120 tropical island bird species (Foster 1975). These two events may overlap when birds take advantage of brief opportunities for breeding. If conditions are suitable for […]

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