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Notes on three species of Hawks breeding on Middle Brother Mountain N.S.W.

Category: Issue 2
Author(s): David Milledge
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The Camden Haven Wildlife Refuge Study, started in July 1977, is currently investigating the effects of local forest management on the vertebrate fauna of the Kendall State Forestry Management Area on the mid-north coast of N.S.W.  Middle Brother Mountain, elevation 556 m. contains Middle Brother State Forest within the Management Area and overlooks the estuary […]

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Observations on Owls in the Upper Manning District, N.S.W.

Category: Issue 2
Author(s): Hyem
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Observations extending over many years on the habitat, calls, behaviour and breeding habits of the five species of owls occurring in the Upper Manning River district of New South Wales, mostly within a radius d 20 kilometres east and south of “Mernot” (31º45′ S., 151º37′ E.) (Map Figure 1). are recorded with particular reference to […]

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