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Food preference of Long-billed Corellas Cacatua tenuirostris in aviary experiments

Category: Issue 4
Author(s): Waples, Barnett and Marks
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The Long-billed Corella causes extensive damage to crops in Western Victoria. In an attempt to deter birds from vulnerable crops an appropriate bait is being sought for use in field trials of a chemical deterrent. Food preference was examined in captivity to determine bait acceptability in free-choice and no-choice trials. Corellas (n=10) were offered 4 […]

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Feeding preferences in captive Corellas for green-dyed and plain oats

Category: Issue 4
Author(s): Jongman, Selby, Barnett, Fisher and Temby
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The common practice of including a green dye in baits used for pest animal control is thought to provide some protection for non-target birds because general avoidance of green coloured foods by some bird species has been documented. Captive Long-billed Corellas Cacatua tenuirostris offered a choice between green-dyed and plain whole oats showed a preference […]

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The suburban bird community of Townsville revisited: changes over 16 years

Category: Issue 4
Author(s): Darryl Jones and Jo Wieneke
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The suburban avifauna of Townsville, north Queensland had been studied during the wet and dry seasons of 1980-81. In 1996-97, the sites and methods used in the earlier study were repeated with the aim of assessing changes in the bird community of this tropical city. No significant differences in species richness or the numbers of […]

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