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Egret nests and cherry pickers: a cautionary tale

Category: Issue 4
Author(s): Phillimore and Recher
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From 1997 to 1998 the reproductive biology of a colony of Great Egrets Ardea alba at the Perth Zoo, Western Australia was studied. A cherry picker was used to provide elevation so that an accurate and rapid count of the number of active nests, eggs and chicks, nesting material and the size of nests and […]

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Vertebrates found in Cattle Egret chick regurgitates

Category: Issue 4
Author(s): Patrick McConnell and Neil McKilligan
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The vertebrate prey of the Cattle Egret Ardea ibis was determined from 850 boluses regurgitated by advanced chicks over 12 breeding seasons from 1981 to 1993, at three heronries in the Lockyer Valley, south-east Queensland. Vertebrates comprised one species of mammal, 16 species of reptile and nine species of amphibians and included the locally rare […]

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Plumage and size variation in adult and juvenile Rufous Treecreepers Climacteris rufa

Category: Issue 4
Author(s): Gary Luck
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Plumage descriptions and morphometric measurements were obtained from adult and juvenile Rufous Treecreepers of both sexes. Plumage characteristics differed between the sexes in adults and juveniles, and between adults and juveniles of the same sex. The main plumage differences between adults and juveniles were the overall darker coloration of the juvenile plumage and the variation […]

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