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A nest box used by Striated Pardalotes.

Category: Issue 1
Author(s): David Milledge
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In June 1970 eight nest boxes of the design shown in Figure 1 were fixed to the sides of eucalypt trees at Tinderbox in south-eastern Tasmania.  The boxes were positioned at heights varying from 2 m to 4 m above the ground in an attempt to attract Forty-spotted Pardalotes Pardalotus quadragintus as pan of a […]

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Some results from banding Little Terns at Stockton, New South Wales.

Category: Issue 1
Author(s): Lane
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From January 1974 to November 1977, 252 Little Terns Sterna albifrons were banded at Stockton, on the estuary of the Hunter River, N.S.W., during wader banding activities.  All were caught at night in mist nets (wader nets).  Because of the concentration on waders, full details of plumage, moult, etc. were not always recorded for the […]

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Alleviating the impact of human disturbance on the breeding Peregrine Falcon. 1. Ornithologists.

Category: Issue 1
Author(s): Olsen
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The impact of ornithologists on nesting Peregrine Falcons Falco peregrinus is discussed in terms of interference with individual pairs and their offspring and the subsequent validity of observations made and data collected.  Suggestions are presented for the minimising of this interference.

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