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Coral Sea Currents.

Category: Issue 5
Author(s): Derek Burrage
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The South Equatorial Current brings tropical water westward into the Coral Sea between the Solomon islands and New Caledonia, then branches near the Queensland Plateau. The East Australian Current branch flows southward along the Great Barrier Reef to enter the Tasman Sea, while the northward-flowing branch forms a clockwise coastal current and partially-closed gyre in […]

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Food and feeding ecology of seabirds off the North- east Australian Coast.

Category: Issue 5
Author(s): Geoffrey Smith
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Foraging strategies and diet of 22 species

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Immature bare part colours in the Pied Monarch Arses kaupi.

Category: Issue 4
Author(s): Clifford Frith
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Includes previously unpublished description of soft parts.

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