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Breeding success of the Australian Pelican Pelecanus conspicillatus on Lake Eyre South in 1990

Category: Issue 4
Author(s): Waterman and Read
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A large colony of pelicans bred on three islands in Lake Eyre South during early 1990. A maximum of 90 000 chicks fledged from an estimated 104 000 eggs laid. The chicks which hatched late in this season experienced a greater mortality than the chicks which hatched early. Banding the young was a useful tool […]

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Censuses and breeding records of the Magpie Goose Anseranas semipalmata on the coastal wetlands of central Queensland.

Category: Issue 4
Author(s): Robyn Wilson
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A resident but fluctuating population of Magpie Geese was recorded on the central Queensland coast during twice monthly counts on 13 wetlands between February 1987 and December 1989. The mean population on these wetlands in 1987 was 1 225±136SE (n=23), in 1988 771±132SE (n =25), and in 1989 2848±290SE (n=27). Successful breeding was recorded in […]

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Waterbirds at Minden Dam, southeast Queensland, 1979 to 1987, and factors influencing their abundance.

Category: Issue 4
Author(s): Leach and Hines
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Waterbirds were monitored at approximately three-week intervals from June 1979 through May 1987 at Minden Dam, south-east Queensland. Thirty-four species were observed, 3 to 19 species in each count. Mean counts were highest for Dusky Moorhen, followed by Eurasian Coot, Little Black Cormorant, Pacific Black Duck, Cattle Egret and Australasian Grebe. These species, except the […]

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Abundance, diet and roosting defecations of the Torresian Imperial-pigeon Ducula spilorrhoa in Darwin

Category: Issue 4
Author(s): Christopher Healey
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Observations on seasonal variation in the presence of the Torresian Imperial-Pigeon in Darwin, Northern Territory, indicate that numbers are highest between September and April. The diet in a suburban environment is dominated by a few plant species, of which the Carpentaria palm Is the most important.

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