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Silver Gulls and emerging problems from increasing abundance.

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Category: Issue 2

Author(s): Geoffrey Smith

Silver Gull populations have increased substantially in the past 50 years. This is primarily because they are scavengers and have been able to utilize human refuse. They have been implicated as problems to aircraft movements and water supplies, because they defaecate in water reservoirs and are known to be agents of human enteric diseases. Should […]

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Habitat preference of nesting Wedge-tailed Shearwaters: the effect of soil strength.

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Category: Issue 2

Author(s): Neil and Dyer

The density of nesting burrows of the Wedge-tailed Shearwater Puffinus pacificus was measured in 224 quadrats on Heron island, Great Barrier Reef. Field measurements of the unconfined compressive strength of the soil material were made for each quadrat. Lowest burrow densities occurred in quadrats at both upper and lower ends of the soil strength range, […]

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