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Observations on the biology of the White-faced Heron Ardea novaehollandiae

Category: Issue 3
Author(s): Max Maddock
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The White-faced Heron Ardea novaehollandiae is not an uncommon species in the Hunter Valley, NSW, occurring individually or in small groups (two to five), with larger flocks in wet pasture after rain or flood. Its morphology is described and compared with those of egrets, and variations in the grey plumage pattern reported. Nests observed have […]

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Breeding of Maned Duck and other waterbirds on ephemeral wetlands in north-western New South Wales.

Category: Issue 3
Author(s): Lawler and Briggs
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Ephemeral wetlands on Nocoleche Nature Reserve in north-western New South Wales flooded and dried three times between October 1985 and October 1988. Forty-nine species of waterbirds used the wetlands, Maned Ducks and Grey Teal bred in each of these flooding events, and laid at all times of the year except late summer. Other waterbirds, including […]

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