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Flush behaviour, catchability and morphometrics of the Ground Parrot Pezoporus wallicus in south-eastern Queensland

Category: Issue 5
Author(s): David McFarland
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The flush behaviour of the Ground Parrot is described, and the success rates of several netting methods are compared. While netting at nests was the most successful, dusk and group netting yielded the highest capture rates among methods that can be used year round. Of the 115 parrots banded, 35 were chicks (9% retrap rate) […]

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The effect of wildfire on bush bird populations in six Victoria coastal habitats.

Category: Issue 5
Author(s): Pauline Reilly
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In an area severely burned by wildfire on 16 February 1983, a study was carried out at six different sites at six-monthly intervals from autumn 1984 (14 months post-fire) to spring 1987 (56 months post-fire) to record the time taken for birds to re-establish populations. At 26 months post-fire, 84 per cent of the eventual […]

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Acquisition of nuptial plumage in the Red-winged Fairy-wren Malurus elegans

Category: Issue 5
Author(s): Eleanor Russell, Ian Rowley, Richard Brown and Molly Brown
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Changes with age and season in the plumage of male Red-winged Fairywrens Malurus elegans were recorded as part of a study based on more than 600 colour-banded individuals whose age and social history were known. The chestnut lores of juvenile males showed traces of black as early as 39 days after hatching. The earliest record […]

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