Seabird Islands of the Lord Howe Group, New South Wales – complete issue

Commencing in the 1980s, Sooty Terns once again began breeding in areas on Lord Howe that had been cleared of feral animals. Red-tailed Tropicbirds, Brown Noddies, Providence Petrels and Black-winged Petrels also increased dramatically in numbers. Two seabird species even recolonised Lord Howe Island from the offshore islets – in 1990, the Black Noddy and Little Shearwater were both discovered breeding on the main island for the first time. These current seabird surveys will reflect the benefits flowing from the eradication of cats, pigs and goats and the control of dogs on the Island. With external threats to seabirds worldwide (such as long line fishing, exploitation of bait fish, pollution and plastic ingestion), surveys of this type are needed at Lord Howe to monitor local seabird numbers.

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