The Seas Around Us: No. 1 – THE NATURE OF OUR SEAS

The ocean areas around Australia show many parallels with the better-studied oceans of the Northern Hemisphere. In particular, the mechanisms that lead to high biological productivity in high latitudes are the same. But the details of current systems are often very different. Our south-flowing Leeuwin Current is unique, and the East Australian Current is a much less definite feature than its north Atlantic counterpart, the Gulf Stream. Upwelling plays relatively little part near Australia, so that our waters are not among the most productive in the world. These differences must have a great influence on the distribution and abundance of seabirds in Australian waters, but detailed studies of this influence are only just beginning. CORRIGENDUM 'The Nature of our Seas' by B. V. Hamon in Corella 14(2). The first paragraph on page 61 should be read after the second paragraph on page 58.

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