Red-chested and Little Button-quail in the Mudgee District of New South Wales

The status or the Red-chested Button-quail Turnix pyrrhothorax and Little Button-quail T. velox at Cooyal in the Mudgee District of New South Wales is given. The Red-chested Button-quail is an uncommon breeding resident of pasture land and crops whose numbers increase dramatically in years of favourable conditions. The Little Button-quail is an uncommon but regular summer breeding visitor whose population becomes resident when conditions are favourable. This is in contrast to previous published material relating to their status. Seventy-two Red-chested Button-quail and 52 Little Button-quail were banded between 1969 and 1974 with no recoveries beyond 75 days, most much less, and no recoveries away from the banding site. Measurements and mass of adult birds are provided. Minor plumage differences exist between immature and adult Red-chested Button-quail. An apparent sex bias towards adult males in banded populations is explained.

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