Predation of the Silvereye Lantana Leafmining Beetle in south-eastern Queensland

Material defecated by Silvereyes Zosterops lateralis handled during banding operations at Cowiebank, south-eastern Queensland, for the four years to July 1982 was collected, dissected, and obvious arthropod remains were identified. The faeces of 534 Silvereyes handled between 24 January and 7 July contained the remains of 37 adults of the Lantana Leafmining Beetle Uroplata giraldi which was introduced into Queensland in 1966 to help control the weed Lantana Lantana camara. Remains of adult Uroplata were not defecated by 357 Silvereyes handled between 8 July and 23 January although they were always present at these times and were sometimes abundant. The remains of three Uroplata larvae and one example of eight other arthropods were found in the faeces during the four-year period.

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