Obituary: TERRISS (TERRY) ADRIAN WALKER (1950-1992)

Ornithological studies of the Great Barrier Reef have suffered two major losses in the last two years. The death of Brian King, to whom we dedicated Corella 17(3), and then within six months the loss of Terry Walker. We were all aware tha1 Terry Walker had collected and assembled an immense amount of information on the status of seabirds of the Great Barrier Reef. This was reflected in his contributions to the Seabird Island Series, of which he was a loyal and productive supporter. He contributed as sole or joint author 24 descriptions. These contributions were always a pleasure for Bill Lane, the Editor of the Series, to receive as so little editorial attention was required. Only now is it being appreciated just how much data Terry had assembled. His loss is great. In this issue are published the last descriptions of Seabird Islands received from Terry, an invited editorial by Dr Geoffrey Smith, a colleague, suggesting that profitable directions for future research would be studies of the diet of seabirds of the Great Barrier Reef, and an account of the oceanography of the Coral Sea, the physical attributes of which influence greatly this tropical ecosystem. This issue of Corella is dedicated to: TERRISS (TERRY) ADRIAN WALKER (1950-1992)

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