Morphometric data from recent specimens and live individuals of the Grey Falcon Falco hypoleucos

Morphometric data are presented for eight specimens of the Grey Falcon Falco hypoleucos acquired since 1990 by Australian wildlife collections and wildlife care facilities, and for the fi rst three wild-caught adult individuals of the species. Morphological characteristics are analysed and compared with other published material. It is suggested that adult and juvenile Grey Falcons can be sexed by wing-length and tail-length: females have wing-length greater than 305 millimetres and tail-length greater than 150 millimetres, and males have wing-length less than 300 millimetres and taillength less than 150 millimetres. Disregarding severely emaciated or dehydrated specimens, six females averaged 559 grams (486–624 g) and four males averaged 388 grams (range 362–419 g). Contrary to the ABBBS recommended band size of ‘27(M11) (varies geographically)’, it is suggested that size 27 is inappropriate for males and probably for many or most females, size 11 being more suitable, and that for this species the tarsus diameter should be measured before bands are applied.

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