Breeding of the Regent Honeyeater in northern New South Wales in 1997

The Regent Honeyeater Anthochaera phrygia is a critically endangered species and information on its breeding behaviour and success is valuable in relation to efforts to conserve the species. Nesting attempts by Regent Honeyeaters were documented at a single, well-known Regent Honeyeater site in the Bundarra-Barraba district, New South Wales, during August to November 1997. Of the 29 attempts, 15 reached the incubation stage and one produced fledglings. The success rate was low compared with that in studies conducted contemporaneously and since 1997. Vocal mimicry was exhibited by two individuals and was considered unusual because it had previously only been observed outside the context of breeding, and because one of the mimics mixed its own vocalisations with those of the model, an observation that has not been repeated.

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