Banding Project Report: Results from the long-term mistnetting project at North Ryde, commenced by the late S.G. (Bill) Lane in 1959

This banding project was instigated by S.G. (Bill) Lane in 1959 as an integral part of the Co-operative Silvereye Project which set out to obtain data on long-distance movements of Silvereyes Zosterops lateralis (Hitchcock and Carrick 1960). The objectives of the project had been expanded by 1966 to study the movements of diff erent breeding populations, longevity, and as far as possible the life history, of the Silvereye. This large-scale project was co-ordinated by Bill and incorporated the assistance of a number of banders along the eastern coast of the Australian mainland and Tasmania. In addition to collecting data on Silvereyes, data on other bush birds were also recorded and are presented herein. Mist Nets were introduced to Australian bird banding during 1958-1959 (Hitchcock and Carrick 1960) this enabled sites such as North Ryde to be operated effi ciently. The capture of Silvereyes and most other bush birds previous to July 1958 had been either by trapping or capture of nestlings at nest. This site was also used by Bill and others for bander training.

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