A critical examination of the occurrence of Torresian Crows Corvus orru in the Channel Country, south-western Queensland

We review our survey records and those of colleagues of the occurrence of three corvid species in the Channel Country, south-western Queensland, namely the Australian Raven Corvus coronoides, Little Crow C. bennetti and Torresian Crow C. orru. We conclude that published distribution maps of the Torresian Crow in bird atlases and field guides exaggerate the species’ occurrence in the eastern arid zone, and that it is scarce to almost absent in the Channel Country. Most claims of the Torresian Crow occurring in the Channel Country are likely mistakenly based on sightings of Little Crows. Furthermore, eBird claims of the Torresian Crow’s presence in the Channel Country, when queried, are often qualified as only tentative identifications and withdrawn. We recommend more critical identification of the two crow species in the Channel Country.

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