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Results of Banding White-faced Storm-Petrels, Pelagodroma marina at Mud lslands, Victoria

Category: Issue 3
Author(s): Menkhorst, Pescott and Gaynor
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White-faced Storm-Petrels Pelagodroma marina wete banded almost annually at Mud lslands between 1955 and 1980. Bands were applied to fledglings removed from burrows and to free-flying birds captured in mist nets. Two percent of the 12652 banded birds have been recovered, mostly at Mud lslands during subsequent breeding seasons. Recoveries were heavily biased by the type […]

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Ageing and Moult Variations in Mistletoebirds

Category: Issue 2
Author(s): Liddy
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Three age classes of Mistletoebirds Dicaeum hirundinaceum are defined and data are presented which allow most Mistletoebirds to be separated by plumage characteristics into one of these.age classes. Most (30 of 44 = 68%) male Mistletoebirds shed the tertial flight feathers and the greater, median and lesser coverts of the wing during post-juvenile moult. The remaining birds […]

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Breeding Bird Censuses: An evaluation of Four Methods for use in Sclerophyll Forest

Category: Issue 2
Author(s): Shields and Recher
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Four methods were used to census birds in forest and woodland near Bombala on  the Soulhern Tablelands of New South Wales. None was completely satisfactory, but a modified strip transect procedure provided repeatable estimates of the relativeabundance ol most species.The most accurateestimatesof the abundanceot individualspecies were obtained by combining territory mapping wilh colour banding of […]

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