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Co-operative breeding and plumage variation in the Orange-winged (Varied) Sitella

Category: Issue 3
Author(s): Noske
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Observations were made at a nest attended by six Orange-winged (Varied) Sittellas, three of which were colour-banded near Armidale, New South Wales.  The nest was watched for 15 hours, which included late incubation and nestling periods.  Only one bird, a female, incubated and brooded.  Five group members, including two juveniles from a previous brood in […]

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The effects of a power-line clearing on birds of Dry Sclerophyll forest at Black Mountain Reserve, Australian Capital Territory

Category: Issue 1
Author(s): Bell
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Census counts were made in dry sclerophyll forest. and a clearing along a power-line, at Black Mountain Reserve, A.C.T., on 156 days between March 1974 and April 1975.  There were seasonal changes in both species and numbers in each site.  There were more species and individual birds in the clearing than in the forest.  Most […]

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Rigid wing-tags for Cockatoos

Category: Issue 1
Author(s): Rowley, Saunders
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Between 1970 and 1975, 1 128 Galahs and 685 White-tailed Black-Cockatoos were marked with wing-tags so that the birds could be individually identified without resorting to re-trapping.  Tags have been worn by some cockatoos for eight years and do not appear to have interfered with their behaviour or reproductive success.  Similar wing-tags have been used […]

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