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Notes on the breeding biology of the Regent Honeyeater.

Category: Issue 1
Author(s): William Davis and Harry Recher
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Two Regent Honeyeater Xanthomyza phrygia nests were watched for six days before both nests disappeared. Observations on nest building, copulation, incubation, feeding, vocalization and aggressive interactions with other avian species are presented. There was frequent aggression between the Regent Honeyeaters and other species of honeyeaters. It is possible that habitat fragmentation coupled with frequent and […]

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Forest bird communities of the Richmond River district, New South Wales.

Category: Issue 3
Author(s): Gosper
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Birds in sclerophyll (eucalypt) forests and rainforests in northern NSW were counted monthly over 30 months between 1977 and 1982. The bird communities of two dry sclerophyll forests were similar, a feature of both being the high frequency of lorikeets and honeyeaters (43-55% of all birds). They showed greater similarities to eucalypt woodland communities (elsewhere […]

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