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Waterbirds at Minden Dam, southeast Queensland, 1979 to 1987, and factors influencing their abundance.

Category: Issue 4
Author(s): Leach and Hines
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Waterbirds were monitored at approximately three-week intervals from June 1979 through May 1987 at Minden Dam, south-east Queensland. Thirty-four species were observed, 3 to 19 species in each count. Mean counts were highest for Dusky Moorhen, followed by Eurasian Coot, Little Black Cormorant, Pacific Black Duck, Cattle Egret and Australasian Grebe. These species, except the […]

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Abundance, diet and roosting defecations of the Torresian Imperial-pigeon Ducula spilorrhoa in Darwin

Category: Issue 4
Author(s): Christopher Healey
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Observations on seasonal variation in the presence of the Torresian Imperial-Pigeon in Darwin, Northern Territory, indicate that numbers are highest between September and April. The diet in a suburban environment is dominated by a few plant species, of which the Carpentaria palm Is the most important.

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Relationships of age, moult and plumage in the White-cheeked Honeyeater near Beverley, Western Australia.

Category: Issue 3
Author(s): Peter Congreve
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Wing and head/bill measurements of 415 White-cheeked Honeyeaters Phylidonyris nigra taken at initial capture and again at subsequent retraps are compared to establish growth patterns. A plumage sequence from juvenile to adult is presented. Moult records are examined to ascertain the role moult plays in the division of age classes into the three age groups […]

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Effect of wildfire on birds at Weddin Mountain, New South Wales.

Category: Issue 3
Author(s): Turner
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Increase of diversity of insectivorous guilds compared with control area at 8 months post-fire. Increase of diversity of insectivorous guilds compared with control area at 8 months post-fire. Members of the New South Wales Field Ornithologist‚s Club counted the number of species and individual birds in Weddin State Forest and Weddin Mountain National Park, parts […]

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