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The breeding biology of the Intermediate Egret. Part 2: Parental behaviour and nesting investment by the male and female.

Category: Issue 1
Author(s): McKilligan
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Data are from four nests observed prior to incubation and a different two from incubation through chick independence. The breeding male Intermediate Egret is estimated to spend 22 per cent more time at the nest than the female, due to him spending twice as long there during pre-incubation, on average. The sexes made the same […]

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Land bird movements across north-east Bass Strait, Autumn 1988

Category: Issue 1
Author(s): Garnett, Sutton, Lowe and Gray
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Observations and banding of land birds were undertaken at Deal Island and Wilson’s Promontory lightstations in north-east Bass Strait between February and May 1988. Data on the timing and route of migration of several species are presented, as well as evidence for pre-migratory fattening in Flame Robins and Grey Fantails. The movement of several species […]

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