The effects of a power-line clearing on birds of Dry Sclerophyll forest at Black Mountain Reserve, Australian Capital Territory

Census counts were made in dry sclerophyll forest. and a clearing along a power-line, at Black Mountain Reserve, A.C.T., on 156 days between March 1974 and April 1975.  There were seasonal changes in both species and numbers in each site.  There were more species and individual birds in the clearing than in the forest.  Most of the forest birds used the clearing and five additional species colonised it.  Colonists were mainly small passerines inhabiting dense undergrowth.  Some species found in the clearing would not have been recorded if there had not been adjacent forest.  The enrichment would almost certainly not apply to large tracts of cleared dry sclerophyll forest, nor wouhd it have occurred in this case but for the management policies of the Reserve authorities.

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