Seasonal patterns in abundance of waterfowl (Anatidae) at a waste stabilization pond in Victoria

The seasonal abundance of waterfowl on a waste stabilization pond at the Western Treatment Plant, Victoria, Australia, was studied over two years. The abundances of species that are considered to be highly dispersive, such as Pink-eared Duck Malacorhynchus membranaceus and Grey Teal Anas gracilis , were erratic and inconsistent across the two years. For other species, such as the Australian Shoveler Anas rhyncotis, Black Swan Cygnus atratus, Pacific Black Duck Anas superciliosa and Australian Shelduck Tadorna tadornoides, more consistent patterns were observed each year. Most species used the site during what would be expected to be their non-breeding season. Australian Shelducks appeared to use the site as a late-spring/early-autumn moulting refuge

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