Post-nesting home range, habitat use and diet of a female Masked Owl Tyto novaehollandiae in western Victoria

A female mainland Masked Owl Tyto novaehollandiae novaehollandiae nested in a dead tree which was standing in pasture and was supporting two recently fledged young when radio-tagged on 17 December 1999. She was tracked until the tag became detached four weeks later. Her home range was estimated to be 1 125-1310 hectares. Foraging activity was focused in dense/medium tree cover with a high proportion of fixes within 100 m of the forest/pasture edge. The European Rabbit comprised 89 per cent of the prey biomass from 277 individual prey items. The owl displayed an apparent aversion to light by remaining inside her roost hollow until well after sunset on moonlit nights as well as flying away when spotlit.

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