Population density and home range estimates for the Eastern Bristlebird at Jervis Bay, south-eastern Australia

Twenty-two Eastern Bristlebirds Dasyornis brachypterus were radio-tracked at Jervis Bay. Densities at two sites were >1.5 and >2.1 birds / 5 hectares* respectively which were similar to previous aural surveys at Jervis Bay and to the maximum density of 2.4 birds / 5 hectares recorded at Barren Grounds. The average home range minimum convex polygon area was approximately 10 hectares for the two birds tracked for mare than 11 days. Home ranges overlapped and there was no evidence of individuals or pairs occupying exclusive territories during the non-breeding season. Management decision which impact upon the Eastern Bristlebird will be flawed if they assume the species is confined to small exclusive territories throughout the year. Even small-scale disturbances in Eastern Bristlebird habitat are likely to impact on numerous individuals. * more than or equal to in both cases.

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