Longevity of Pied Currawongs at Timbertop, Victoria.

Between 1962 and 1976, 1 910 Pied Currawongs were banded at Timbertop in north-eastern Victoria. The number of individuals retrapped was 332 (17.4%). The longest elapsed time between banding and recovery was 14 years and 1 .7 per cent of birds were known to be alive over ten years after banding. The mean annual survival rate was estimated to be between 64.4 and 79 8 per cent (from three separate formulae) and the mean for further expectation of life was between 2.5 and 4 5 years. These may represent underestimates of the actual survival rate because of the low probability of recapturing surviving marked birds. Although the bulk of the population was not resident year-round, there were few recoveries away from the banding location.

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