BOOK REVIEW: The Action Plan for Australian Birds 2010

Nineteen years since publication of the first version, The Action Plan for Australian Birds 2010 provides a timely snapshot of the status of the continent’s avian diversity. Stephen Garnett and colleagues, with the assistance of many knowledgeable ornithologists, ecologists and bird enthusiasts, have produced a detailed, concise, accessible and comprehensive summary of 238 threatened or near threatened Australian taxa (species and subspecies). Each species’ (or subspecies’) profile includes an assessment of its conservation status (Critically Endangered, Endangered, Vulnerable or Near Threatened) based on IUCN Red List criteria, reasons for listing, equivalent assessments from 1990 and 2000 for comparison, descriptions of range, abundance, ecology and threats, and brief outlines of research and management requirements. Accompanying each profile is an informative distribution map as well as a table summarising standard data on population size, trends and geographic range.

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