BOOK REVIEW: Flocks of Colour

Flocks of Colour is the latest collaboration between Penny Olsen and the National Library of Australia. The Library’s collection contains many hidden treasures and these publications help reveal these to the public’s eye. Non-bird topics have included botany, butterflies and the impressions of early Europeans on the strange Australian wildlife. An earlier publication, A Brush with Birds: Australian Bird Art from the National Library of Australia (2009) showcased a range of bird illustrations held by the Library. This new publication deals only with parrots, a very suitable subject given the popularity of these birds, their familiarity to almost all Australians and this country’s status as Psittacorum Regio—Land of Parrots. Flocks of Colour contains over 150 full colour illustrations by 40 artists covering 56 species of Australian parrots, including some now extinct species, such as the iconic Paradise Parrot.

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