Behaviour of non-breeding or post-breeding Willie Wagtails Rhipidura leucophrys in the Warrumbungle Mountains, New South Wales

The behaviour of Willie Wagtails Rhipidura leucophrys was observed during late summer in the Warrumbungle Mountains, New South Wales. Eight behaviours were described and time budgeted while diurnal changes in calling and foraging were also examined. The time budget revealed that birds were stationary for 54 per cent of time, and spent 15 per cent preening, 12 per cent food-gathering and 8.6 per cent flying. The rate of territorial calling was highest in the morning and declined steadily throughout the day, while 'chitty' calling occurred at a lower frequency which did not vary greatly throughout the day. The proportion of prey that were butterflies increased during the course of the day.

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